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About Mobilify LLC

Mobilify brings together a powerful and complete range of services and abilities to help your organization get the most out of its technology investments. Website development? We do that. Server support and management? Check. Custom software development and integration? We can handle that, too.

From system maintenance and integration to Web-based solutions and enterprise architectures, we can help you to achieve your technology goals and guide you through the endless maze of change and complexity. At Mobilify, we strive to be a full-service I.T. solutions provider with expertise and abilities that are usually found only in high-priced full-time corporate I.T. departments.

We envision information technology as a wide range of tools, methods, and expertise, which small and mid-sized corporations traditionally lack the resources to fully utilize. Through our guidance and partnership, we fill the void between the global market and the local organization, thus enabling it to compete by using technology as an engine for success and growth. Mobilify LLC is headquartered in Newton, Kansas.


Every great idea has to have a blueprint in order to come to fruition. Do you have a concept on how to improve your business processes, but not sure how to implement it? Let us lend our knowledge regarding industry best practices, and our years of experience in working on all phases of inventory, logistics, financial, retail, ERP, and CRM applications. Scalability, reliability, and extensibility are the cornerstones of our design process. Our clients run our software for years with little or no modification. It is possible to escape the constant cycle of hardware and software upgrades. Let us show you how.


Development is where inspiration and perspiration collide, and it's where we excel. Whether your need is for a proof-of-concept, pilot system, or production-level application, we have the tools do get it done. We can develop solutions tailor-made to fit your needs, including technology based upon:

  • Windows-based software
  • Websites and e-commerce stores
  • Android and iOS apps
  • Embedded devices
  • RF, WiFi, and cellular networking
  • Open-source/FOSS solutions


We have considerable expertise in planning, creating, and implementing B2B and B2C applications for Windows and the Web. Just because we've developed a product doesn't mean our work is done. We have practical experience in deploying applications across the entire enterprise - even when that enterprise is multi-national! We know how to leverage I.T. infrastructure to make sure you get the most from your systems. We are also familiar with the challenges of implementing solutions across time zones and international borders, including providing multi-lingual software and support.


We don’t stop at delivery. We support every system we build and/or recommend on a 24x7x365 basis. It’s part of our philosophy. In fact, the name Mobilify refers to our desire to be at the side of our clients, available whenever we are needed. When you choose Mobilify, you'll never be left holding the bag. Our clients put their trust in us to manage their business-critical systems, and we acknowledge that it is an awesome responsibility which we treat with the utmost respect.


International Finance

London/San Francisco:
Software projects specializing in flexible and sophisticated back-office accounting systems for brokerage firms and commodities dealers. Mobilify has been working select clients within the industry for fifteen years, augmenting their expertise in accounting systems with our integration techniques, ensuring interoperability with third party systems from companies such as Microsoft, DeutscheBank, and Barclays.


Mobilify was approached by one of the largest community foundations in the nation, both in terms of total assets and in terms of grants awarded. When our partner's donors began requesting real-time and archived information through their website, we helped make that happen. Through a custom-built application, detailed fund information such as gifts, transfers, market values, asset distribution, and more can be tracked in near real-time.

Automotive Logistics

North America:
A major automotive manufacturer required its logistics partners to provide real-time tracking on over $50 billon of inventory, with a six-month deadline. Mobilify stepped in to meet the objective by utilizing a combination of RF/WiFi, mobile computing, web-services, and a multi-purpose integration system. The sofware was deployed at numerous remote locations and currently moves approximately $500 million (USD) of inventory every month

Retail/Supply Chain

New York:
When one of America’s fastest growing clothing stores could not keep up with their I.T. demands as new store openings exploded, Mobilify assisted in implementing an enhanced inventory and supply system and in integrating it with their legacy point-of-sale system. The system has been deployed to over 200 locations and connected in real-time to the chain's corporate headquarters.

Apps In Space

North America/Africa/Low-Earth Orbit:
Our founder has participated as a trainer and a judge for the NASA Space Apps challenge. Space Apps is an international hackathon for coders, scientists, designers, storytellers, makers, builders, technologists, and others in cities around the world, where teams engage with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s free and open data to address real-world problems on Earth and in space. Space Apps 2019 included over 29,000 participants at 225 events in 71 countries.

Auditing/Safety Management

North America:
Our mobile applications are being utilized from coast to coast to keep railroad loading and unloading facilities safe, secure, and accident/injury free. We utilize mobile GPS, photo, video, and data capture to ensure that AAR standards are being maintained at the highest levels. Robust back-end reporting ensures that the data captured is timely, precise and actionable.

Careers at Mobilify

We are always looking for qualified, motivated candidates who want to take their game, and ours, to the next level.


This is a full-time, on-site computer programmer position with a growing I.T. firm working in our home office in Newton, Kansas. Primary duties include developing, maintaining, documenting, and enhancing front-end, back-end, and full-stack applications written using a variety of frameworks and technologies.

Contact Mobilify

Feel free to email us to provide some feedback on our designs, inquire about our products and services, or to just say hello!